Hotel Posada Shalimar, Rio Caribe, Sucre state, Venezuela

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Posada Shalimar offers a big nummer of tours, below is the list of the most frequent tours in the area.


Cacao Factory (Bukare)

The factory has recently opened a museum tor tourists, located nearby Shalimar.


Cueva Del Guacharo

Located in Caripe 3 hours from Rio Caribe , a 10 km deep cave in beautiful surroundings, the cave was home of a indian tribe in the past, and as the only place in the world home of tousands of birds (bat) ,not seen anywere else but in Guacharo.
The birds are albinos & blind, they fly out of the cave at 19.00 and back in before sunrise everyday.


Los Testigos

8 small coral island 3- hours by boat from Rio Caribe, outstanding scenic islands, with only 150 people living there Los Testigos is a true paradise. Shalimar has license to go there, and the only tour operator that goes there regulary, the price depends on how many goes. Must be arranged 2 -3 days before departure. Ideal trip is 3 days.


San Juan

Village reached 1,5 by boat or car.

Video about the Hotsprings, Rio Caribe, San Juan, Buffalo Farm Santa isabel ,Playa Medina.


Santa Isabel

Small cliff top fischerman village with a river, 80 people lives in this remote village only reached by boat.
The village has a guesthouse run by the local sherif. 1,5 hours walk up the river the is a beaufiful waterfall and lagoon.

Middle of video from Santa Isabel/Elena



Natural jacuzzi with different temptures 1 hour from Rio Caribe

End of video from hotsprings


Play Medina

15 min by boat or 1, hour by car, the most famous beach in Sucre, perfect for swimning and relaxing, local are selling fresh fisch and empanadas.


Pui Pui

30 min by boat 1,5 hour by car, the beach is good for surfing or just relaxing.

Pui Pui at carnival


Northen Orinocco Delta (Nationparks of Turuepano)

The nearest entrance to the Orinocco delta is only 1 hour drive from Shalimar , its possible to rent a boat in the village of Aijes and go inside the delta on a day trip as well as stay overnight in lodge.


Angel Fall

Biggest waterfall in in the world 1800 m


Canaima – La Gran Sabana – Venezuela